An old cot stood in the atrium of the monastery. Every other day it was filled with fresh water for Kuzco and Malha to drink and play. It’s funny, where we thought Kuzco would be the first one to jump in, he just watched Malha play, and occasionally took a sip of water, but that was it.



We created a little water monster of Malha, even more so than Kuzco ever was.



Where there is water, there will be Malha.



So every day at the crack of dawn, Malha was playing in the old cot, while Kuzco took his best friend Jaap the sheep for a walk. We tried to convince Kuzco to jump in, we even tried to help him in, to cool off on those terribly hot midday’s.



But I think due to Kuzco his sight getting poor, he can’t make estimate on how deep it is.

It was just too adorable how even Malha tried to convince him how fun this actually was. I even think she told him how to get in, and needn’t be afraid.



‘If I can do it, so can you daddy. Don’t be afraid.’



It took him almost a week, and an almost empty cot, to face his demons, and secretly tried to jump in on his own, when (he thought) no one was looking.



But as soon as Malha her little puppy ears heard the sound of water splashing, she ran to the old cot, together with Kuzco’s ball, and jumped in to play with Kuzco.



‘Yay daddy!! This is so much fun! Can we play-can we play-can we??’



Even though we cheered loudly when he jumped out and back in again, this was the only time he actually bathed in the old cot.



It was just too cramp for his liking I guess, whereas Malha her little bouncy puppy bum couldn’t get enough of her private swimming pool.