grass spike



During summer, there is a massive growth of grass spikes. Even as a child I hated the sharp stinging feeling they gave when they got stuck on my sweater. So I can only imagine what it must feel like when they pierce through the skin. That is what happens when those grass spikes get stuck between the toes of a dog, or up his nose, or, what happens most frequently with a Cocker Spaniel, in his ears.

One particular summer, Kuzco visited the vet 3 times in one week, where one grass spike almost pierced through his eardrum. That’s when we decided to cut the toes of a sock to make a tight head sleeve, and put it over Kuzco’s head to hide his ears. And it works beautifully.


princess Leia


Except every summer when we put the sock on for the first time, he really is pissed off. All his dog friends come up to him and sniff with great lengths of time on his weird looking ears. I even think his is being laughed at sometimes, and I also believe that some friends even try to help him get free of it. But after being monitory once or twice, Kuzco accepts the head sleeve like it’s his collar.

But sometimes, we can’t help ourselves at laughing too. Because with the light skin coloured sock I always use, he looks exactly like Princess Leia from Star Wars. So when I put the sock on, and call him my little Leia, he gives an angry stare. But when I say it with a baby talk voice, he really is offended by it, and then I get the Annnngggrrrrry stare, like this one.