walk through the park

I love to walk through the park, especially on warm sunny days, when Ramon joins me and Kuzco to just relax on a bench, play fetch, and sip on a nice glass of wine. We always end up at the same bench. I really don’t know why, because it isn’t something we discuss beforehand. And it certainly isn’t because the bench has such a nice comfy seat, it actually hurts your butt in less than 5 minutes, where you go from one sore cheek to the other, and back again.

But now I think of it, it’s probably because the warm sun and wind is partially filtered through some trees, but just enough to also get a little colour on the skin. People walk by, but just enough to not feel like an animal in the zoo, and you can get tipsy and laugh really hard about it, and do silly things to make Ramon smile, without to many people bothering with it. And while that’s going on, Kuzco can lie under a tree. A tree far far away from us, to occasionally role with his eyes of shame and annoyance, chewing on his ball, wondering why nobody gets off his bum to go play with him.