how to be a hero

How to be a hero, a real superhero. That was the book Kuzco’s nose was buried in to.
For days in a row he tried to find out what he had to do to become one.
You had to have some kind of superpower, must be able to fly, and of course, have cape, and only the very best have a sidekick, also. Oh dear, oh dear, he had nothing of that sort.


Only a sidekick maybe, and the flying part he could provide for his sidekick.
But what kind of superhero are you, when your sidekick can be more of a
superhero then you. So he was sad. When I saw Kuzco sobbing on his bed, and drooling all over his research, I asked him what was the matter.

‘But Kuzco,’ I said, you don’t have to learn to be a superhero,
you are a superhero already to me. You help me when I need you the most, you take care of me when I fall and when I am in pain, and you make me smile so often, that I sometimes even forget to cry when I’m sad. That is a real superhero’s job.’

‘But I still don’t have any superpowers, nor can I fly or own a cape.’

on the lookout

Your superpower is your intelligence, and your sidekick is Jaap. I have a cape for each of you, where your cape is the real deal. Each block on the tea towel cape, stands for how intelligent you are, and as you can see, there are lots and lots of blocks on it.
Jaap his tea towel only has 1 colour so he isn’t all that smart, which is good, because you leave the flying part up to him. When he lands on his head, it won’t mind.

it's a bird