flag nor fail pups

With these four dogs, my thoughts of bringing my drawings out in the world, became action. I’ve always wondered with the idea to do something with my drawings, but never dared to. I was too afraid of failure. Everything must be perfect, and I always want to strive to do things perfectly. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to be nicer to myself, and not to set the bar so oftly high for simply any or everything. And I became even good at it. But somehow my drawings were never finished, never quite good enough to me. But last year something was changing. The thoughts and ideas began to itch.




flag nor fail pups

And then I went to Denmark in April to meet Rob and Dana Linn Bailey. I’ve followed them both on the internet since 2010. She inspired me to strengthen my body, and became enthusiastic about lifting again, finding new ways to clear obstacles I never thought were possible. And I followed Rob for his clothing brand Flag nor Fail. It defined exactly what I needed to set my mind to. I was so angry at my illness, it took everything from me, and keeps taking from me. But this little line of words, hit me like a bomb.

flag nor fail pups

I shall not flag nor fail. In other words, I shall not give up on life, nor fail to do so. I will go on stronger and more focussed.

I will never settle, I will always strive to make a bad situation a better one. And instead of being angry for all I, and us as husband and wife, have lost, gain beautiful other things, and love the process my mind, body and life is making through it all.

So I wear this brand with pride.

flag nor fail pups

How could I not give them some kind of gift, for being a little part of all the good changes in me? I knew they were just as fond of their dogs as I am with Kuzco, so I drew my most favourite subject. Dogs.

Their reaction was above all my expectations. It made me so happy to see my drawings on the internet, and proud of my art.

I was ready for the world,

and I don’t care about failure any more. I love my work, which by itself is perfection.

So I am ready.