ot and sien


My nephew and niece, children of my sister. They are my little Ot and Sien. Those are the 2 main characters of a Dutch children book written in 1911, with beautiful drawings of Cornelis Jetses. It was one of my favourite bedtime stories, where my father had to countlessly show me the pictures the story hold. The 2 children had all sorts of ordinary day to day experiences, but to them, the most exiting adventures of course.

And that is how I look at my niece and nephew. Everything they encounter is a story by itself. And they are, for now at least, so loving and caring for each other. Sure, they smash their brains out of each other from time to time, making their mothers head look something like a balloon, because her lips are pressed to keep the steam from exploding. But as an aunt, I see only the good stuff.

So to me they are my two characters of Ot and Sien.