I live with a chronic illness, called chronic paroxysmal hemicrania (CPH), which effect my daily life. Without medication I have about 280 seizures a day, with medication it is reduced to 12 on a good day. The meds are a lifesaver, as well as a destroyer. The adverse effects are quite severe. So not only do I have to live with an abnormal amount of headache 24/7 combined with the seizures, I also face failing kidneys, peptic ulcers, rheumatism and Raynaud’s disease in my hands and Crohn’s disease. In september 2018 I got told I wouldn’t make it untill spring 2019. But thankfully I’m still here. I am grateful for the time my health keeps stable, so I can live life to its fullest, and make every day ridiculously amazing with my husband (my rock, my hero, and the love of my life), our furry toddlers Kuzco and Malha (Cocker Spaniel), 2 cats Benjamin and Jools, and a goldfish named Bruce in his gentle days, and Hulk when he clearly has an off day and wrecks everything in his fish tank, and family and friends.

I love to draw, paint, cook, read books and comic books, have a thing for superhero’s and Star Trek, love science fiction and old movies, photography, madly in love with my nephew and niece, and am absolutely crazy about lifting weights. On a Saturday morning I try my best to lift weights to make my body stronger. It helps me not to give up, push myself harder, and strengthen my willpower. I wish I could train every day, but it takes a lot of energy, and can’t train by myself out of security risks. So with great help and strict supervision of my dad (who has been lifting weight for over 45 years), intervening when I get a seizure during lifting, I can at least practice this passion. I can’t train to my full potential, but am convinced that through positive thinking I exceed to greater improvement in mind and body. But most of all, I love to live life, and laugh as much as I can.

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