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I remember it well, when my sister in law told me, it was a good thing we aren’t living together. Because she wouldn’t dare to leave the house anymore, to come home after work and be afraid what she would find next on one of my creative outbursts. Hahaha, I can still laugh about her […]


colour cart

For six months, the living room was an empty space, a personal ballroom.     Off course all the woodwork and walls were painted, and I finished resewing the curtains into Roman blinds, so you could already get a glimpse of what it was about to become.     Happy, and inviting. These two words […]


view outside

The third floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom. The smallest room, which is still a sizable room, we turned into a guest room. But I like to call it the children’s room. Because this room, is the room I’ve always dreamed about. My favourite room. I even take my naps there. It makes me […]


sitting Kuzco

Yesterday, while writing about all my little characters I’ve created so far, my mind was already on a new character. One that will be put on top of the stair stringer. Although a stair stringer is often used as part of a banister, I encourage Ramon to just do the opposite. I hate the stains […]


being stuck

As soon as Ramon left for work again after two weeks of hard work to finish the third floor, I started renovating all the staircases. I wanted to paint the first mouse that was so clear in my head. I wanted a mouse hole somewhere on the staircase, where a little mouse opened a door. […]


fairy tale mirror

The only way I can start telling and showing you about my funny little mice decoration, I’ve painted all over the house, is telling you about the very reason this inspiration came to be. Before we moved into our new house, I was cleaning the attic of our old house, and saw a rather dull […]


trunk of car

The first room we worked on to make it a liveable space within a house that looked like a construction site. Everything was upside down. As soon as we got the keys to our new house, we started our ´demolition’. I was so eager to start, I didn’t even have pictures of the before. So […]



  I remember my last written words of 2019 so well. Writing about me lying in bed, on a rainy morning, holding my umbrella to protect me from the rain that poured through the crack in the ceiling. I remember feeling so sad, so cold, so wet, so frustrated. Now, one year later, same kind […]


Kuzco staring

“I can’t let him go.” I said crying. My hands were tight around the cardboard jar that holds Kuzco’s remains, pushing it against me. ‘Well, you’re going to have to at some point of time. I know it is the last tangible memory of him, but it’s just a cardboard jar.’ Ramon said with equally […]


kuzco sunbathing

Moments before my alarmclock was about to go off, Kuzco snuggled his head against mine. I pushed my nose to the side of his head, right between his eye and flappy ear. I felt the tiny hairs made room for my nose, and I inhaled deeply. I smelled his fur, soft and sweet from the […]