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funny girl

Charlie’s quite an entertainer. And for the true actress she is, she needs a stage to perform. And what a perfect stage she did find? High above the ground, so the audience can see her clearly. A soft floor for when drama is needed, and a perfect acting partner who listens to everything you say. […]

History in the making

  The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam had its grand reopening in 2013, after being closed for over 10 years. I have visited it many times before the restauration, it was one of my favourite museums to roam through. So naturally I’ve visited the museum after it opened again, and loved it probably even more than before. […]

Waiting room

    I went to the hospital today to get some test results back. While I was sitting in the waiting room, my mind was working overtime, what to say, how I physically feel. For a while my health was stable, but at the moment it’s going south again. After talking about it with Ramon, […]

Rally championship

Often time’s people have asked me if it isn’t dangerous to ride a mobility scooter with three wheels. I always thought that was the weirdest question, and certainly a poor argument to not want one because of just that. I never in my mobility scooter career have ever flipped over, nor did I believe that […]

On the road

Mama gave her children one last hug before she went to work. ‘Promise me you will look after your little sister, Dante? I have to go to work now. Give me another big kiss you two, I love you very much. Be nice to the babysitter, and behave. Both of you.’ She said with her […]


  Its Sunday morning, the early rays of sun are filtered through the lace curtain. Ramon lies beside me, and is still fast asleep. Today the wind carries the morning wakeup call from the rooster from the park to our window. You can only hear it when all the other background noises are muted down […]

The rocking chair

    I often use this drawing to send to friends and family as a congratulation card for either pregnancy or childbirth. To me it presents just that, although the making of this drawing symbolize my grief. My father once took this rocking chair from the side of the street. It was ready for the […]


Maybe if you have seen my early works under the Art tab, you would have guessed I had therapy, or are relieved to hear I did. And I am so grateful I did, even though at that time my seizures were still about 60 to a 100 a day, and being there 10 hours a […]


  ‘How long have you been sitting here Dante?’ Grandpa asked as he sat down next to Dante on a bench. Making a deep wrinkle with his brows, Dante sighed. ‘A long while. Too long a while even. The fish won’t bite.’     He pulled his rod he made from a twig backwards and […]