Kuzco lay down on his chair, and exhaled with great content. He knocked the dottle from his pipe. ‘There. I won’t be needing this for a while.’ Giving one last cough, putting the pipe back in his box again. The last few days were wonderful. Kuzco had an important job to do. The Sail event was coming to town, and because he lives in IJmuiden harbour, off course he had to set sail. He was to accompany the largest tall ship. Without his help, it would be impossible to sail through the IJmuiden lock complex to the Port of Amsterdam. So he put his cap on like any captain would, along with his special pipe, the captain’s pipe. He asked two of his best friends to join him on this special occasion. He knew they would prove valuable crew members, because the very first time Kuzco set foot on a ship, they were there with him.  So seeing it’s Sail only once every five years, and to sail next to the leading ship, is quite an honour to be at.

‘You will be my sea men Nanouk and Duco. I will need your help, so listen carefully to my instructions.’ Nanouk and Duco were extremely excited. The channel was full of ships sailing next to each other, big and small, short and long. There must have been hundreds. But they all stayed behind captain Kuzco’s ship, because he had to stay near the leading ship.

at helm

Off course all went smooth. Where would they be without captain Kuzco’s expertise. ‘We must pay attention now friends, the wind is getting stronger. Nanouk, if you will stand at the helm, I will navigate. And you Duco, keep an eye on everything that’s happening on the water, and blow your whistle when somethings wrong.’ Aye-aye sir ’, both Nanouk and Duco took their duty serious.

sailor stories

The wind kept blowing strong, and Nanouk asked captain Kuzco to tell of his adventures on the sea. And between navigating, he told of the seagulls he had to chase, and of his ball getting lost in the current. And just when he wanted to start a new story, Duco blew his whistle.


‘Oh no, captain, someone fell from the mast of that tall ship, and it just sails on. We need to help him get out of the water!’ ‘You’re right Duco, we need to help him. Nanouk, steer to port side, and Duco, pull the man out of the water, then you and I must sit opposite from Duco, otherwise we will tumble. I will jump on the man’s chest to reanimate him and lick him until he regains consciousness.’


The young man was so happy he was saved by captain Kuzco and his crew. When they reached the Port of Amsterdam, the young man took captain Kuzco, Nanouk and Duco on board to meet his own captain. There were loud cheers from the crew of Mir when they arrived, and all three got a medal of honour. After finishing their root beer, and thanking the captain for his hospitality, Kuzco, Nanouk and Duco, went back to their ship. ‘Well, that is another great adventure to add to your stories Kuzco’, said Nanouk, while giving him a hug. Kuzco smiled, ‘And I am glad to have shared it with you two, Nanouk and Duco.’ And he gave them both a huge lick on the cheek.