little pond


A long long time ago, a little goldfish called Bruce was born in a cosy little pond that was owned by an old woman. This old woman loved her little pond, and she nurtured it with care. Every day she stood near the waterside and threw some fish flakes into the water. She knew they could find their own food, but she liked to spoil her fish from time to time. There were lots of fish that lived in the pond. All sorts and kinds. And little Bruce loved it there.

the Goldfish family

But after a long while, the old lady didn’t come by the pond any more. And thus the delicious food flakes as well. So the fish had to swim to surface to see if there was any food. And it killed them one by one. Because there were vicious predators who liked to catch them for lunch. So little Bruce his mama and papa Goldfish told Bruce to never go up to the surface. Always stay near the ground and find bits and pieces to eat there. But soon there wasn’t enough for all the fish that was left, even mama and papa Goldfish had to go to the surface to find food there. And that is how Bruce eventually was the only fish left in the pond.


He listened well to his parents, and never left the deeper parts of the pond. All though he had to eat strange things, that is how he could survive for many years. When the old lady was never to come back to her little pond, the pond was left to dry. And Bruce almost gave up on live. He struggled to stay alive in the tiny bit of water left, and when winter came, the mud was so near the surface, that it began to freeze. And little Bruce got colder and colder. Even his water bubble couldn’t stay whole due to the ice. So when it became so dark and cold, and he heard the cracking from his water bubble, he was ready to die.

red bucket

But then something happened. A big piece of frozen mud was shovelled in to a bucket. And in that piece of frozen mud, happened to be Bruce. Water was poured in to the bucket. It was nice and warm, and the ice started to melt. Bruce was in shock, but when he started feeling his fins again, he waggled his tail and shook his head, and all the frozen mud came loose. He could see humans staring into the bucket, but it wasn’t the old lady. Was this a rescue or were these the vicious predators, and were they ¬†going to eat him?


He was glad to be able to swim again, and when he was poured into a glass bowl, he still wasn’t sure if this was a rescue. Because he couldn’t move. He could only go up and down. Was this some kind of special preparation before he would be lunch?

new home

But the next day, he knew. He knew he was rescued, and that he was safe. The people put him in a larger fish tank, with plants and bridges, and pebbles where he could shuffle through. And he could finally take off his water bubble, because the water was good, and little oxygen bubbles danced up and down. And the best part of it all was, every morning a new red-headed lady scattered food flakes in to the water and talked to him throughout the day. And for the first time in a long time, he felt he was loved again.



Note to story.

Now that the story is out, it explains his alter ego. Due to the strange things he had to eat to survive, and the lack of oxygen left in his water bubble after it cracked, he became a little Hulk. It only happens when he feels strong emotions, and it doesn’t stay long. Which is a good thing, because little Hulk smash things around like crazy. It is a rare sight to be seen, but I managed to capture the moment where Bruce his alter ego emerged. So this something special I have for you to see,

Bruce and his alter ego, little Hulk.