I’ve been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been mesmerized with colours, so naturally it started with colouring books, and later on I began to use tracing paper to make some of my first ‘copied’ artwork. I always showed them proudly to my father, to hear his praises, because he himself could make beautiful drawings. His side of the family is very talented in various sorts of art. Music is by far the most beloved, but almost all of my aunts and uncles can draw. My grandfather was a gifted painter. So I always had people around me who stimulated my early talents and fed my enthusiasm.

So when after a while my father’s comments started to fade, I wanted to show him I could copy the pictures without using tracing paper, and from there on, my own style grew with baby steps. My father and grandfather were the most important people who educated me in art, and when I was a teenager I even painted together with my grandfather in his little studio. I have so many fond memories of the time I’ve spend with my grandfather, and still, to this day, I use some of his tools that have been handed down to me.

My early artworks are mostly oil paintings, and served as some kind of diary, to express my thoughts and feelings. When I was done with college, I worked as a house painter, to be around all the beautiful colours of paint, and textures of wallpaper, the smell of paint, the touch of the brushes, and to be tough little cookie in a world that is mostly dominated by men. I loved to prove myself, and I think that is why I kept getting better and better.

My artwork today is a mixture of oil paintings and sketches of Indian ink with watercolour and crayons. Due to the rheumatism in my hands it mostly depends on which season. When the temperature is rising during spring- and summertime, I draw. That is my favourite craft. And when it’s cold, I paint, when my hands don’t hurt as much.

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