Oh my gosh, it’s getting so close! Tomorrow we will be on our way to our friends, and then off to Italy.

I’m a bit stressed out, but it’s happy stress. This week did not go as I planned, so my whole preparation schedule which I perfectly spread out through the week, is all coming down to today and tomorrow morning. Some things I had to scratch of my to-do list, because otherwise I would never make it in time. A little part of me hates it, but I’m kind of surprised how easy I could prioritize and compromise.

So, I think I am almost done packing. I have to smile about how much we are going to take with us. It almost feels like moving. I still will have to shorten some of Ramon’s pants, and tomorrow morning I will bake an apple pie as a thank you gift for letting us use a camper to spend the night, before we head out to our first stop in Germany. We will bring Kuzco to my parents. I will miss him terribly, but I know he is going to have a great time with his grandparents.

Today I also had to go to the psychiatrist for an intake. It felt good, even though my first impression after 5 minutes, made me wonder how this was going to evolve. Just the little things that immediately made me feel uneased. She sat on a higher chair than me, she immediately overwhelmed me with an intro with way too much information about formalities, and while she spoke, she kept her arms crossed. And what made matters even worse, is that she answered a telephone call during our talk. That only sends the message, that I’m not important enough for her undivided attention.

But I have learned by now, that you can transform that closed and uninterested attitude. So I made her aware I didn’t appreciate the disturbance, and sat up straight on my little chair, and rested my hands on my legs. Within a couple of minutes she unfolded her arms, and I felt a little more equal after she sat more comfortable in her chair. I told her what’s been going on in my life, especially the last year. And while I was telling her all the stuff, my mind started to connect some things together. Things I hadn’t connect before. I think I know what I need to work on, but I need some guidance. So I am glad I have a next appointment with her to work it through. In fact, I’m looking forward to our next appointment. This is going to be alright. I have a good feeling about this.

But first……


joyce kleine