Ramon is riding his new bike right about now. After two weeks of bad weather, and twisted ankle, he is driving for the first time this year. And meanwhile I’m admiring the freshly colored drawing that I made for my new story.

ant with furcoat


It’s a good day. I haven’t been to the gym, because it’s a chores day, so it’s closed. I wanted to do something at home to compensate, and ended up doing yoga with a bright morning sun shining on my face. Everything has been stretched and re-stretched, and my lunges feel they can hold much more air than they did when I woke up. I kind of regretted I couldn’t put myself to the workout I had thought out for this morning. But in hind side, focusing on my breathing, and stretching my sore body, is just as important, and surprisingly satisfying.

For now, I’m going to draw a little while longer. The sun is still shining, so the light is perfect as can be. I love these two seasons, spring and summer. Nicer days, with warmer temperatures, so a less painful body, and good drawing light.