wedding day


Yesterday was our 12.5 year anniversary. I don’t know if this is celebrated throughout the world, but In Holland it is customary to celebrate certain milestone anniversaries more publicly than, say, your first or eight. The fiftieth is called the ‘golden’ wedding, the twenty-fifth a ‘silver’. I guess the 12.5 year anniversary is celebrating that your halfway your 25th – it is called a ‘copper’ wedding.

I don’t know who invented this, but Ramon and I both believe this the most ridicules reason for such a fuss. A desperate way of wanting to throw a party, because waiting 25 years after your wedding day, is an awfully long time. We just don’t believe in halves, just the full 12 months only. 10 years for instant, feels like a more important milestone than 12.5. It could just be 12 and 8 months, because what makes 6 more special than 8. Hell, every day you spend together is special, right?

So, it may be clear, we don’t celebrate this weird custom. Our real wedding date feels more like a day of celebration and joyous memories to share. We just didn’t feel ‘it’ in July. We were married on the 7th of January, now that’s a special day to us. So we decided to skip this weird 12.5, and just throw a jolly good party on our 13th anniversary. If anything we learned from life, is that every day is worthy of celebration, but then you would go broke in an instant. So to share the joyous occasion of our 13th year together on the day we said ‘I do’, seemed more fitting to us. Simply because we always strive to be different, unique. Not follow the crowd, in anything. That’s what we like so much about each other. To celebrate on a year that is considered an unlucky number in Western superstition, is pretty different,

thus perfect!

So we woke up yesterday morning not feeling that special feeling. In fact, our egos collided. So we didn’t start our day, feeling the joy and love for each other like we usually do. I waved him goodbye with my tongue sticking out, making the pooping-sound, when he left for work. ‘Guh-bye stupid, see ya later.…Love you*.’

( *Always say goodbye with ‘I love you’, even when every Steven King comes to mind when you look at that person, because you regret you didn’t, if something happened.)

Half way through the morning, my ego was put to rest, and it became clear to me how silly we actually reacted on one another. The feeling was mutual. So after I texted him of something funny that happened, he called me back. It was nice to talk and laugh again like the real Ramon and Joyce we always are, instead of acting even for a moment as those grumpy, grouching people whom we despise.

When he came home from work, he surprised me with the most beautiful flowers wrapped in chocolate bars. Absolutely not because of some anniversary thingy…..of course.




We went to the beach to have some dinner, which they didn’t serve anymore….at half past eight. So we ended up in one of our favorite restaurants near the harbour. It was a cozy evening of not celebrating our anniversary, and it ended with a stunning sunset, and a deeply offended puppy.

Offended because beach-time was cut of way too short to his liking, he didn’t even had time to take a swim, and to make matters worse, he had to lie down at our feet during dinner, only to receive tiny little pieces of all that deliciousness that was on our plates.