A cold got hold of me this week. Didn’t feel like writing, would only have to clean my screen every minute or so. And the amount of tissues would pile up in a way, I wouldn’t be able to see or feel my keyboard. So I just dragged myself through the day by sleeping, eating, steaming, and having an up rise in seizures because of all the sneezing.

So, big was my surprise when Ramon came home early from a consult with a client yesterday, to work at home. He always calls me when he is on his way home, so he did yesterday. He told me he came by a pet store, where they had a gazillion-billion variety in pet treats. So he couldn’t resist stopping by, and buy all sorts of treats in different kinds of flavor for Kuzco, Benjamin and Jools. He had a budget in mind, but it was terribly hard to stick to it.

When he arrived at home, he asked me to open the door for him, because his hands were full. I expected to see an over the budget, over the top, amount of treats for our furry friends, but when I opened the door for him, the only thing that was over the top, was the bouquet of flowers he had bought for me.




It was probably the reaction he was going for, but I blame it on my tiredness and the abundancy of mucus. I had to blink twice, and then I couldn’t help but cry. Especially when he said, ‘For you my love, for everything you have done, and going through.’

What else could I have done, really?? Except for kissing him, and give him the best next morning wake up ever?