I am still blown away by an amazing compliment ever given to me.

It’s funny how things cross your path to make you feel good about yourself, when you have the hardest time to keep being self-encouraging. Like life is saying; ‘Joyce, you’re still on the right track. You see? Keep your head up high. You still matter in life, even when you feel you can accomplish so little in life compared to all the healthy people around you.’

When I am drowning in this kind of mindset, mostly when the physical pain becomes almost unbearable, and life (I) still expect so much of me, my mind can’t put up the pace anymore.

So when little sparks of love are thrown my way, by the time they pierce through my aura, they feel like lightning balls. And oddly enough I am being struck by one after the other lately.

A good friend of mine her daughter, called me to ask if she could use me as a subject for a presentation she had to do at school. I wore the biggest frown on my face when I asked her why?

She told me, she received an assignment to talk about a writer/artist and its life. And I came to mind. So she asked if she could interview me with a few questions, and perhaps use my website with stories and drawings to complement her presentation.


A writer/artist…me??? And me being a main subject for a presentation, by a 15 year old? Really???

For a moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It made me feel so good about myself. A smile on my face appeared from ear to ear. To be admired by someone…. A 15 year old girl even….. at that age there are so many well-known people they think of first to admire. And she choose me….

A few day later she texted me, she had done her presentation. And received an A+.

I feel so humble and proud even.



And to top it all off, I had such a wonderful contact through mail with the people from the shop we visited in London, Artisans and Adventurers, where we bought our amazing leash and collars of Hiro and Wolf. I was madly in love with the shop and all the goods they sold, especially the cats and dogs department. When I left the shop bouncing of joy, the woman who helped us gave me a card and told me to send a picture of our pooches wearing their new gear. Of course I did, and to my great surprise, I received an answer saying they loved the photo I send. If I would just answer some questions, they would use it together with my photo, so Kuzco and Malha would be dogs of the week.



I was so happy, I immediately went to write down the answers. But in my exuberance I wrote much to many words in comparison to others whom have been dogs of the week, and Ramon told me I shouldn’t expect a reply. But I did!

She adored my drawing and stories of Kuzco. She too was an illustrator and wrote poems, which I on my end  loved so much after reading. She was going to use my picture of Kuzco and Malha along with my answers, and even put in a link to my website on her blog.

And again, I felt a lightning bolt.