A nothing-much-day. Even my furry- and stuffed- friends agreed.






Did the groceries and tried to get all the medicine at the pharmacy, but have to pick up the rest tomorrow. Did get my hormone treatment, so I will start that today. I have erratic birthmarks, and hopefully this hormone treatment will help. I don’t know what to expect. The word hormone, makes me think about, maybe boost my fertility. Cure it, so we can have babies, or maybe boost some muscle.

I know, it gets the better of me.

But I have a follow up in six weeks, to discuss this treatment, because this type of melanoma isn’t usual for skin cancer.  Well, that makes a woman think. Especially a woman who is broken. At least that’s how it feels to me.

When we celebrated new year, I was convinced this was to become a year full of new things to come. I was thinking about maybe buying a new home, getting a new puppy from Kuzco, a new bike for Ramon, a holiday to Italy with good friends, follow new treatment for my illness, and maybe even a big party to celebrate our 12 1/5 year anniversary….

I don’t know….things like that.

But never ever imagined things like, getting a new illness, and a treatment that maybe does wonders to my ovaries.

Ah well, Italy with good friends is happening, and so does a new bike most likely. So that’s two out of a lot of great things, I wish to happen this year.

Not a bad prospect at all.