mobility scooter


Well, there it is. My substitute wheels for a few days. ‘If you will sign, here, and here, and on the dotted line here, and here’…. Shake of hands, and exchanging of the keys…

It felt like I just bought a new car, minus the excitement. But with all the upgrades, and curious neighbor stopping by to see what’s happening.

My mobility scooter has had some glitches over the last few months, but never called it in, because the trouble it takes to get your mobility scooter fixed, made the glitches more than acceptable. But there is always an, up to a point. And that point has arrived. After many frustrating calls and useless visits, they finally decided to replace the console, because of the broken and old wires. I had to wait for over three weeks, until somebody actually thought of ordering a new console, and pick my mobility scooter up to replace it in their shop.

Today was the day. And the funny thing is, you always get a better one as substitute, than you already have. But never get a new one, you have to make do with the one you’ve got.




My mobility scooter is a very old model, with Spartan suspensions. In other words, none. The substitute has suspensions that still softly cradles you, after driving over a beer can…. 10 minutes ago. I can bump off a curb, full speed of hare, without even disrupting one hair of Kuzco’s ears. And the dashboard looks like a Christmas tree, whereas my old one just has one light on the dashboard. The on and off switch. It also has nicer tires, and a metallic finish. Even the horn sounds better that my old one.

Even so, I really hope they will bring my old one back soon. It fit’s like an old glove, and has mud everywhere from the places I like the most, piled up for many years. It’s been hard work creating that pile of mud. But I’m very glad with the substitute while mine is getting fixed. Because I can go when ever, where ever, as I please.