When we went to Pisa, our expectations of and a dog friendly country were again shattered into pieces when we wanted to hide from the sun on the hottest hours of the day. No dogs allowed in the city park, no dogs allowed to walk on the grass, no water or drinking fountain to let them cool a bit. Even when we tried to make a boring walk through the city a little more fun by using street and stone walls and benches as playground, a fat lady covered with sweat stains on her clothes, had the audacity to say we cannot let dogs paws on a stone bench because of the filth they carry. People sit on those benches you know???

Dare we not speak of your sweat stains you leave on the bench, you ugly fat smelly lady???



We found an empty place on a bench under some trees next to a hobo who was sleeping on what obviously what his home-bench. Ramon rested his head on my lap for a while, and then we decided to have a drink on a terrace while we waited for the warmth to cool a bit. We ordered a rosé and a bottle of water, and when we ordered a second round, I asked the waiter if I could keep the bottle.


Off course it was no trouble, but he was curious to why. I told him it has the same colour as our bedroom, and the Vineyard was close to where we were staying. I would like to keep the bottle as a momentum, and put it on my nightstand with a flower in it to remember this wonderful day. The waiter turned out to be the owner of the establishment, and he sat down at our table and told the history of this particular bottle of wine. When he left I smiled at Ramon.


‘Well that was oftly nice, wasn’t it?’


But all Ramon said after a pause with his eyebrows somewhere down his hairline…


‘it has the same colours as my bedroom…. I would like to keep it on my nightstand with a flower in it as a momentum…..

Really Joyce… you were soooo flirting with  him… It must have been the beard….’ He said with a big smile and winked.


‘Nooooo , no way I was flirting, I don’t even know how to… It really is the colour of our bedroom! Look!

But… I have to admit, he really was a nice looking  person…  With a beard…  It must have been the beard….


I winked back at Ramon and brushed my fingers through his beard and kissed him.



It was around six o’clock, and two Rosé later, when we started to walk again to see the tower of Pisa. We loved it! All those people standing in the same position to ‘hold’ the tower, for a picture.



The tower was beautiful, but we enjoyed watching the people most. When we walked back to the car, we stumbled across an advertisement of an event held in Vinci. A cosplay event called Festa Dell’unicorno, and Sunday would be the last day.



We looked at each other and smiled. This was where we would spend our day tomorrow! We wanted to go to these kind of events ever since we played World of War craft, but always came at the wrong time or was too far away. This was our chance.


We went the next day, and we loved it!!!


We were amazed at the effort people made in their costumes.



One even more beautiful and awesome than the other. And there were all kinds of props to see of every science fiction movie and TV show we loved.



When we walked pass a couple of movie cars, Ramon made some pictures while I waited in the shade with Kuzco and Malha. Little did I know I could possibly take the attention away from a huge air balloon? But apparently I did, and was asked to leave the spot of shade the balloon doll made on the ground. I explained it would only be a minute, but he started pushing me away. I got nervous and picked up Kuzco and Malha because the pavement was too hot to walk on. And the moment I bend over, I tore my pants. Right down from the crotch to the end of my butt crack. I could only cry of embarrassment. Luckily a second hand shop was open, and I could buy a new short. At least this way I could still enjoy this wonderful event, and pose for countless people with Kuzco and Malha, because they looked too adorable for words with their felted unicorns on their heads.



This was a wonderful day!!!