I used to suck at asking for help. I must say I’m getting better at it, but when it is for something without a medical urgency, I always wait until it’s almost too late to ask, because I want to try to do it on my own, and not be a burden.

But this time, due to Ramon’s persistency I must add, I was well in time when I asked for help. Kuzco had to go to the dog salon to be groomed. Ramon has to take a day off when we go, because it usually takes about three hours until we can pick him up again, and it is a half hour drive. But all his days off were spend on hospital visits, so he couldn’t take Kuzco to the groomer this time.

I asked my sister. I felt horrible she had to arrange all sorts of things to make it possible, because my nephew and niece had to go to school. But I was told not to worry, because she was glad to be able to assist me.

To be honest, I enjoyed the time we spend together, so much. When my niece and nephew are with her, I have such a hard time keeping my attention to her, or to anyone who is around for that matter. Everything about me wants to take in every Nano-second of every giggle, every outburst of joy, every fantasy story they tell when they are playing with their toys. My social manners are out the window, and I would rather only talk and play with them, than socialize with the adults in the room. So I am torn between keeping part of an adult conversation, and my total mesmerize of those two little people.

Usually the little people win.

And thus miss every conversation about what’s going on in their lives.

It is a dark and very not-so-nice side of me… I know…. You would never have guessed this about me. Wink-wink.

But sad to say, it is true.




So to today, I spend the day together with my sister. In the car, at the groomer, at my mother’s ( turned out to be her greatest surprise and joy to have sit for a moment with only her little girls), and when we picked up Kuzco again, I sat for a while with her and my brother in law enjoying the nice weather on their balcony.

I was completely pooped, and when I got home, Kuzco and I went to bed, only to get out by the time Ramon came home from work. These things are huge undertakings for my head, and I know that tomorrow I will pay the price. But it was more than worth it. Kuzco’s winter Ugg’s are nicely cut to summer-proof sandals, and his heavy curly ears full of knots, have been replaced to light fluffy, straight haired ears.




And the time I spend with my sister today, I hold dear. It was good to spend some time alone, and actually talk to her and listen to her stories. We both agreed we must do this more often, and I couldn’t agree more.

Because when the kids are near, Joyce is being sucked into their sphere.