kuzco king of pillows


Today was all about recovery. Work, eat, sleep. Went to the gym early in the morning, and gave it my best. It felt great, every muscle was pumped up, and sweat was running everywhere. After a quick shower, Ramon picked me and my dad up from the gym, and we went home to eat. My head was killing me, and my body was so tired. But instead of the usual nap I take, I slept the whole day through. Ramon was exhausted from the expo all week, and his legs and feet were sore. So we decided to snuggle together for a nap, and were knocked out for the rest of the day. Even Kuzco was exhausted. He was hopping from me to Ramon and back again, giving his energy for our recovery. At the end of the day, when we were as good as new again, he stayed in bed, and snored like an big old man.

Benjamin’s recovery is going well too. He finally takes his medicine, which I crush into powder, and make tiny sushi roles with little pieces of fish covered with the powder. Jools is very fond of him at the moment, giving him kisses, and washing him. She has sushi roles twice a day as well, and all of that because of Benjamin doesn’t move from her bed. Everything is forgiven on Jools account.