This weekend was exhausting. In a good way. Saturday I did my very best in the gym, and Sunday we went swimming again. My body was so tired and painful, but my mind was so happy.

My dad takes pictures or little films when he sees something I should see as well while doing an exercise. Most of the time it is just so I can be proud of myself when I look back, but it is useful as well to better myself next time.

This Saturday my father filmed me, and when I looked it back when I was home, it made me smile the biggest smile.




When I was younger I hated to see pictures of myself. But I have learned to see them as mirrors of my soul. Not to judge how I look, but how I look.

When I look back at old pictures of myself, I always looked angry, depressed, a very troubled teenager. I know that’s how I felt at that time, and that same reflection is what bothered me so much. I want to be sure that my face, my posture, my expressions, reflects what I feel. Not how I want to look fashion wise. That’s not the point, it’s a side-issue.




And this exact film show it all. It shows my tiredness, and my happiness, and my being proud. This is the right face, the right posture, and the right expression that goes along with my inner self. So these two framed pictures from the film, makes me see that I am still on the right track. My little mirror.