Here we were.


At the vet yesterday evening.

My sweet innocent little sweet pea. Not knowing what was about to happen.

Kuzco got a chemical castration. After deep consideration and consult with the vet, there was nothing to it. The only way to be certain our anniversary trip to Paris the 5th of January wouldn’t have to be cancelled, because Malha would decide that would be the perfect time to become a big girl, was to inject Kuzco with a chemical castration.

You see, Malha is a late bloomer. While most of all her sisters have had their first cycle, Malha still remains our little baby girl. So much so, that I almost couldn’t believe she will very soon be celebrating her first birthday. Which reminded me, I could finally complete Malha her first year picture frame.



Something nice to focus on,



before we had to go to the vet, because I kind of felt sorry for putting Kuzco through this for our own ease. But it was the only way besides taking the chance on luck. And that is something we definitely can rule out, because we may be lucky in love, but that is about all the luck we are given.

So these next two weeks, Kuzco can show signs of extreme dominance and crankiness as a side effect. I hope it will all be fine, we will see. Ramon is yoking around we now not have a little dude and missy, but a little sissy and a missy. Pour Kuzco, already ridiculed moments after the injection….



For now, Kuzco is feeling very affectionate and sad. He needs lots of hugs and cuddles, which me and Malha are more than happy to provide.