I was in a deep emotional low. The injection still isn’t doing anything but make me feel sick and feverish. I really hoped that after a week, something would change, but still nothing. Even though I still have a week ahead of me where some of its magic could rub off, I was feeling sad, frustrated, and angry. Not the most pleasant person to be around with, so I was glad Ramon spend a whole day away at work.


When Ramon came home, we were both feeling exhausted, and grumpy. Not at all in the mood to feel inspired what to eat. And then we bumped into a neighbor…


She asked how we were doing, and if I noticed any change regarding the seizures. Grumpy as I still was, I unintendedly growled, and felt my tears burning behind my eyes. ‘Jeez Joyce, keep the faith.’ She said with a concerned face . ‘I really don’t know you like this. You are my true inspiration you know. Always so positive, no matter how many obstacles are on your path.’


As if the veil of anger had lifted from my face, I looked at her and smiled. ‘What???’ I chuckled, ‘I am your inspiration??? You must be joking right?’


And to my great surprise, she wasn’t. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. How could I of all people, be someone’s inspiration?


But it was a true and honest compliment, and I felt honored. Still not convinced I am true inspiration material, I was going to accept this beautiful compliment. And my grumpiness was gone. Ramon and I decided to take a deep breath this weekend. Try to enjoy and relax, and take my meds on time. Next week I will experiment again.


I wanted to give Ramon a super relaxed Saturday morning, by walking the dogs myself, let him sleep in as long as he wanted, make croissants for breakfast, and join him with Kuzco and Malha on a scavenger hunt, Malha’s school had organized that afternoon.



It was a perfect day. Even when it started pouring with rain, we were still having fun. Until….



A Shepard dog walked dominantly around Kuzco when we were all standing around a puzzle to solve. Ramon noticed the attitude of both dogs, and tried to intervene in time. But it was too late. The Shepard dog and Kuzco got aggressive, and when the Shepard dog tried to get Malha as well, Kuzco started to bite whatever was in his proximity. That happened to be the hand that helped him, sadly enough. Within seconds Ramon’s hand started to swell badly.



And thus ended the happy mood we were in. We rushed to the ER, to check if everything was okay. Thank God it was, but by the time we walked out of the hospital, it was evening already. Again we were exhausted. Ramon’s good mood had passed, just as the day had passed, not to return until morning would break again.


An early sunny Sunday morning has arrived. Let’s repeat my good effort, and hope it will last today.