Today was a beautiful day for a lo-ooooooong walk through the park with Kuzco.

And I mean almost three hours long.

Just as long to cover the hours of us missing Ramon, while he was at work.

It’s wonderful how good he is doing, and how smooth going-back-to –life is going. But boy… Kuzco and I miss him terribly. Almost two months we’ve been together……. We, the three amigo’s……

the three musketeers……. the dynamic trio…….. the fantastic three……. the three stooges…….

Okay-okay already, they catch the drift Joyce….

Pull yourself together woman!!!

So Kuzco and I were killing time while walking and playing in the park. When Kuzco almost hitched a ride on another mobility scooter that passed us by, I knew we would have to sit for a moment to let Kuzco catch his breath.




While I enjoyed the warmth of the sun, I noticed the dragonflies around us.

And immediately my imagination started working. I counted seven or eight dragonflies, flying from one blade of grass to the other. As if they were little airplanes, going from destination a to b, unloading and picking up passengers. Some of them waited a little longer on their flight stop. And as I followed them a while longer, I understood the order of things. The ones that waited a little longer before taking off again, were long distant flights. I could imagine all the tiny little bugs and ants, carrying their suitcases to go to a business-meeting, or go visit distant relatives. Those fields of green are just as wide for them, as the world going round for us, I imagine. Never thought of that really, until just now.

When I saw a little mouse passing by, my imagination was complete. She was super-fast, because I couldn’t see where she ran off to. This was definitely Bianca. With style and grace she scurried through the field. I tried to find more of them, or at least Bernard off course. But it was just the one little mouse. She probably ran to the creek to catch the boat-leave pushed by Evinrude the dragonfly, to hurry on her rescue mission.



sat a while longer, hoping to catch the busy dragonflies carrying their cargo on my camera. I think I snapped almost 50 photos or so, never sure if I even cached one of them, until I was probably moving in their flight path. I almost had a collision with a fully loaded dragonfly.

I know,

because I could hear the passengers scream, seeing their life flashing before their eyes, fearing this would be the end. But thank God for the evasive maneuver the dragonfly made just in the nick of time.

And thank God for the  swift movement of my finger to snap this terribly exciting moment on camera. Because I know you wouldn’t believe this story, if I hadn’t this snapshot to proof it.


dragonfly close up


If you look rea-aaaaaal closely, you can see tiny little arms waving in terror on the back of the dragonfly.

If you can’t…… well…….

Then it’s is probably a good time to see an optician…..

Just saying.