It was an amazing weekend.

I still experienced a lot of pain due to the kidney infection, but in a slow but manageable pace, we took the best out of the weekend.




We went to my favorite city, Haarlem, to shop for a baby present. The next day we were going to visit family and their newest edition. There is a toy store in Haarlem, and it’s downright my favorite. When you enter the store, you enter a time capsule. Every toy I ever owned as a child, is sitting there on the shelves, only in a better condition than when it left me.

Every time we go there to buy a gift for someone, we almost never want to leave that place, and almost every time we say to each other while gazing through the shelves, ‘It’s good we don’t have any kids, because we would go broke in an instant.’  So of course we bought some amazing gift, and of course I hoped the receiving party, wouldn’t want it, or already got it.

But they loved it…..

Of course….

To my regret…..nooooooo, just kidding….

Well….. a tiny bit perhaps.




Then we had an amazing lunch. Amazing, because I didn’t have to throw it up again, so that was a winner, but also amazing, because the sun was shining the moment we sat down. And it rained cats and dogs only moments before. When the sun is shining, everything is at its best. People start to smile again, the city looks more vibrant and colorful, even the food tastes better when the sun is shining.

But that could just as well be, because it simply is no fun eating in the rain. And all the wonderful fragrant, pretty looking and tasting ingredients, combined on a plate, are being diluted, each drop at a time. And with a monsoon we had just now…..well….




I think you get the picture.

So, highlighting the day, if you didn’t got it already….

Amazing and wonderful.

Then we went to the movies with my dad, a belated father’s day gift. No superhero movie as I had hoped, but Independence Day. I thought I would only enjoy the time spend with my dad and Ramon together, but surprisingly the movie was great as well.


joyce and dad


So again….

Amazing and wonderful.

Sunday we spend with family. They have three little boys, with one being the newest edition. Their entire garden is Kiddies Walhalla, I kid you not. So it was the best place to enjoy our coffee and tea, catching up, and meanwhile let us entertain with children’s laughter, watching them play, and see Kuzco having the best of time playing with them and acting like a little clown.

So you see? Amazing and wonderful.

Oh wait, I forgot just one little thing that happened that same Sunday. Something so horrific, I have to share.




I have killed a living being….and to make matters worse….in full consciousness.

I felt horrible.

Nano seconds before I saw him enjoying the warmth of the sun, exactly where I was about to park my mobility scooter.

During, the squishing sound of the entire body spread out like peanut butter between the ground and my front tire.

And after, when I saw its remains get sucked in the dirt. The only thing that survived the horrific murder, was probably its new sunglasses, because that was what the black thingy, sticking out of the gooey stuff, looked like.

I really felt horrible and bad for two whole minutes, because I saw it when I approached, but didn’t changed my course.

When I told Ramon of my terrible ordeal, I received a silence and his eyebrows making its way up his hairline.

‘Seriously? All that fuzz for a slug??’ He asked.


It’s still a living being, and when killing it knowingly, it’s a murderous act. But like I said, it took me two minutes to feel remorse, and then I totally forgot the whole thing….because the rest of the day was just so….

Amazing and wonderful…..

And because I said sorry afterwards. That always makes things better….