Breakfast at the beach, on a Sunday morning. And vacation hasn’t even started yet.

Ramon was making a test drive on his bike because he made some adjustments on his suspension. Together with Eric, his friend who will join us in Italy, made a foretaste of the tours they will be making in Italy in a few days, and discuss the last details of our joined adventure.

My brother and sister in law came to IJmuiden, and asked if I would join them to have breakfast at the beach before they visit my mother in law. So off we went, early in the morning, almost nobody on the beach yet. How idyllic life can be.

We ate our breakfast, enjoyed the sun, the saltiness in the air, seagulls making their sound, and relax on a beach towel with our feet ( eventually everywhere we didn’t want it to be) covered in the sand. I wasn’t completely prepared to have such a nice long time on the beach with them. I thought we would only have breakfast, because they had other things to do after that.

So this was a real treat. I had such a lovely time. Time flew by, and my nose and shoulders slowly turned lobster-red. There was a lot of wind, so I didn’t even noticed. I only laughed at our silly faces when the wind blew the sand against our bodies and in our mouths.

I love how easy going, and full of laughter our time together passed by. Like we’ve always done this together. As if the time gap of not seeing each other never existed. I had a wonderful morning, and the happy feeling it gave me, lasted the whole day through. The only thing I wished didn’t happen, was the sunburn around my sunglasses. I now have two large white raccoon spots around my eyes, with a neon red, coloring the rest of my face.

Positive side is I can only look happy or blank, any other emotion that makes me wrinkle my nose, is out of the question at the moment.

So happy it is….