joyce, trineke and lies


The ladies who lunch, have lunched today.

And it was the good life all around. Delicious food, beautiful entourage, and the best company you could wish for. We have done this for many years now, and started out as the Fantastic Four. Me, two aunts of mine and a great-aunt. My great-aunt has passed away, but I am glad for all those wonderful moments she joined us. I wouldn’t want to have missed those times in the world. It would have been her birthday today. A good reason to get together for a nice and cozy lunch. My aunts picked me and Kuzco up, and started the get-together at one of my aunts home, because she is renovating her home, and she needed my expertise. Because I still miss my profession very much, these occasions I won’t forgo. I love these moments, where I can talk about colours and materials, and show them the inside tricks, solve problems related to paint and the surface it needs to be applied on. And off course to see the make-over becoming real.

Then we went off to the restaurant. Kuzco was welcome too, in fact, there were all kinds of animals walking around the facility, even children. The service was great, the food delicious, and like I already said, the company was the best. My energy kept running low in a fast pace, my cheeks looked like photoshopped ultra red apples, and my palate lay heavy on my tongue. I was so tired, but the joy and love I felt racing through my body kept me going.

When they took me home, I asked them to stay put a little while longer than usual. They always wait until I am inside, and then wave goodbye. But I wanted to take a picture for my daily update. A framed picture that I always hold dear in my mind. My aunts lovingly waving me goodbye after spending a perfect day together, with all the perfect settings a good day holds. So this picture is going onto the refrigerator, the place of all my happy memories to keep me cheerful through the bad days.