I remember my last written words of 2019 so well. Writing about me lying in bed, on a rainy morning, holding my umbrella to protect me from the rain that poured through the crack in the ceiling. I remember feeling so sad, so cold, so wet, so frustrated.

Now, one year later, same kind of morning. Rain is gushing against the window, but this time, I’m feeling so happy, so nice and warm, and so utterly content, that I snuggle a little deeper under the covers. And I’m counting my blessings. Oh, how I love our new house.




In March of 2019, we signed the contract to buy this house. From that moment on, it consumed all our energy and time.


fixing wood


We had to restore our apartment back into its original state.




It was no surprise at all, that every new potential owner that came to view the apartment, was shocked by the state it was in, and declined this once so beautiful home, without a single hesitation. But this was no longer our concern anymore. We had our own new house to call our home.




The interior of the house was in a terrible state. But it had so much potential, and the vibe of the house, matched ours in such a perfect way.  I loved this house from day one, even though it smelled bad, and every single room of the house was rundown, this house felt like home. All it needed was some serious amount of TLC.

Our reno budget was limited. But browsing the internet, we found a lot of stuff we could buy second hand.


old wooden floor


It’s a wonderful way of still being able to get the interior you want, only a lot cheaper. Even for free sometimes, when people just want to get rid of an object that is in a horrible state. Yes, it requires a lot of work, but I can restore it to its former glory, or make it into something new. And through all the years Ramon and I have been together, Ramon learned a lot of carpenter skills from my dad. He also knows his fair share of all the other stuff, like electric, and plumbing. So we truly are a dynamic duo, doing everything ourselves.

We have just finished our bedroom. It was the first room that Ramon wanted to be done.




So it would be a place of retreat, when I needed to rest, or stay when I would feel sick. The only thing missing was a closet for clothes and sorts. Ramon designed a walk-in closet, and made all the calculations to build it ourselves. And I couldn’t be more proud.

The following posts will give you a view of our house. And show you all the beautiful, funny, artsy, craftsmanship we have created so far.

Starting with our place of retreat.