Usually when you really looking forward at something, it turns out to be a bummer. But last weekend was just as great, as I hoped it would be.

We went to Antwerp in Belgium to shop for jeans for me. And to make the most of our day, Ramon’s brother and sister in law, who live in Belgium,  joined our shopping adventure.

‘Why are you shopping in Antwerp for just a pair of jeans?’ Ramon’s brother asked, when Ramon called to set a date. ‘My little misses wants an Italian designer jeans. The closest stores are in Maastricht, Antwerp, or Milan. So we chose Antwerp so we could meet up and have a lunch together.’ Ramon replied like it was an everyday matter. I sat next to him when he said that, and I felt so ashamed. O my God, it didn’t only sounded posh, it wás posh!

I could cry and laugh about it at the same time. I really, really wanted this jeans badly. It was high on my wish list for over a year now, after seeing some great looking athletes wearing these jeans.  I could cry because I really don’t ever want to be a greedy, needy, poshy lady, where only the best of the best is good enough. But I had to laugh about it, because the last time I bought clothes, hell, even underwear, was two years back. And I didn’t even bought it, Ramon had to convince me, and bought it for me.

So we went to Antwerp, and I wouldn’t want to trade that day for anything in the whole wide world. I loved it all! The weather was good, the company was the best, the lunch….

Oh my God….. divine fresh tuna everrrrrrr…..


freddy pantroom


And we purchased my, already ultimate favourite jeans ever, in less than 10 minutes. My butt looks amazing!!!



A-Ma- Zzzzzzing!

Even bought a Wonder Woman T-shirt that makes my boulder shoulders look wondrously huge. So when the sun comes out, the guns comes out, my delts are looking good, and my butt….

Well….they have never looked so good….everrrrrr…..

I had to take a little more meds that I usually take, just to make it through the day, but it was worth it. We even bought a rain suit for Ramon to put over his motorcycling gear, and a doll for my niece her fourth birthday.


joyce kleine


I needed two days to recover, but I look back at it with the greatest joy in my heart…..and in my closet off course.

I think I will spray-paint my clothes hanger golden, and hang my jeans on it,  so it will stand out in my closet.


Brilliant- uhhh- golden idea!