After a quick moment of rest, we went to Haarlem to shop for specific socks and grey undershirts to complete Ramon’s look for the upcoming VSK expo next week. We had a small budget, but with a big department store going bankrupt, we could have some luck finding items with a big discount. And we did. We bought 2 grey shirts with a V-neck, just as the Gentleman’s Gazette suggested, and some basic socks. The fancy ones were not on discount. While we were walking back to the car, I noticed a new shop with all kinds of tea and herbs. We went in, and I swear I was in kitchen-heaven for a moment. I didn’t know where to look first, and where I would dive my nose in first. Walls were filled from top to bottom with storage jars, and everything was sorted like the bookstore does. It was beautiful. We bought a little bag with a Ceylon based mélange, so Ramon would try a cup as well. He only drinks coffee, and lots of. So to reduce the amount of coffee intake, he wanted to try some tea. But black tea of course, made as strong as coffee. Nothing to shocking strange like herbal tea, he wants his hot water infused with man stuff, dark and strong. It was such a nice afternoon, and I was so happy and exhausted. I didn’t expect Ramon would really drink the tea, but surely enough he joined me when I made a pot. This day couldn’t have ended better. In a strange way I find it comforting cozy to make a pot of tea on a cold rainy day, and snuggle together on the couch. More so than drinking a cup of coffee together.