wonder woman


Day three.

I finally stopped crying. It was starting to get on my nerves. Without any control over that particular bodily function, I cried literally all day through. My eyelids were three times their original size.

Come on already!!!

But today it seemed to have dried out….no argue here what so ever. Because a very bad side effect of all those tears, are the cotton balls that filled my head. I even managed to lose my form I have to hand in together with a faeces specimen, for a next couple of tests for myself. I fold it inside the brochure I got for heart patients and their cardiac rehab. I was so absent minded yesterday, that I just couldn’t remember where I left it. And when it finally hit me, I got so angry at myself for not paying more attention, I cried even more. I had left it on the table at the coffee corner of the hospital. Thank heavens someone left it at the information desk, so they kept it safe for me to pick up when I would visit Ramon today.

I woke up early, again, but enjoyed the dark and gloomy, rainy morning. I made some coffee and a bowl of hot oatmeal with cinnamon, and hopped back in to bed, and enjoyed the serene time with my furry friends, and perfectly shaped pillows to fall back into, so I was completely fluffed by both animal and fabric.

Ramon WhatsApped me to bring shampoo and slippers, which meant he could walk around and shower by himself. I felt so happy. This was yet another big improvement. He was doing better.

I dove into his box of shoes, to find the ones he asked for. Normally I don’t like to search for shoes he can’t find, because he is just like a woman with shoes. He has way to many, and it always feels like years are passing by while plunging through all those shoes, to find the right ones, and preferably matching off course.

I didn’t quit know which ones he wanted, so I took three pairs with me. Can never go wrong with that.

When we arrived he looked good…..and so handsome. I pulled Wonder Woman out of my bag, and smiled at him. ‘She was complaining about her job. She was tired of her workspace. You weren’t around to give her a new place to guard.’ Ramon always put the Wonder Woman and Superman dolls he gave me, somewhere around the house. Almost each night before he goes to bed, he gives them a new place for me to find the next morning. ‘They have to protect all of the house you know!’ So now she can guard and protect Ramon in the hospital. And it immediately seemed to have a good impact, because with a little luck, he can come home tomorrow, somewhere around the end of the day.

I’m curious what lies before us in the following weeks. One thing is for sure…. He will be at home for least 4 weeks. And even though the reason why isn’t all that great, I am excited to have him around me for so long.

We do well together….