I really love my home town. Everything I feared before I came to live here, is eventually the entire reason for loving it so much. IJmuiden is an harbour, and everything evolves around it. The people are rough, the town is raw, made for workers, not to enjoy the easy live. You have to look hard to see the beauty, and the beautiful history this town holds. But I see it, and I feel it, and I would never want to leave it. This is my home, and I love the people around me, and I love every bit that made this town. The steel factory, the channel, the locks of IJmuiden, the harbour, the fish, the beach, the dunes, the woods, but especially the fact Ramon and me made it our home.

Today was a beautiful cold day, and my tummy almost screamed for fish. I went to the harbour to buy fresh cod or haddock, whatever was cheaper.  Cod it was, and with a bag full I stopped by the market to get the rest of the ingredients, to make our delicious dinner. I really love fish from the oven, but today I wanted to make Ramon’s favourite, fried cod bits.




So after admiring the beautiful fish, I cut it into chunks.

Seasoned it and meanwhile made a remoulade sauce.




My kitchen was filled with scents of fresh herbs and the saltiness from the sea.




Together with the sunlight that warmed my kitchen and all the colours

in it, made me feel so blessed and happy.

Today, life was at its best.




With a little tweaks here and there, the fish was ready to be submerged into the batter, and then into the hot boiling oil.


friend cod


Along with some French fries and a cold bottle of white wine, dinner was served.


fried cod chunks


And just as life was at its best, so was the food and the company.