cat mansion


While I’m typing this, my hands and forearm looks like I am promoting a band aid company. All cut in different sizes, there are perhaps 20 stuck to my skin. Wounds, even the smallest one, quickly gets infected, so I reek of iodine as well.  And I can’t get rid of the commercial song that is on repeat in my head, ‘I am stuck on the band aid, and the band aid stuck on me…’  And all of that, because of one little angry pussycat called Benjamin.

He wasn’t feeling well, his ear was all red with what looked like some sort of eczema, and he kept his eye shut, and even began to lose hair round his ear and eye. So we went to see the vet. Apparently it is an ear infection, and he has to follow a treatment consisting of antibiotics and eye drops. ‘Does he take medicine well?’ the vet asked me. ‘Oh, for sure. He is such an easy sweet cat, that won’t be any problem what so ever.’ I still hear the echo of those words. How naïve I was, and how reality hits me in the face right now.

It was a lot easier to boost the health bar of my Warlock called Minnuette in World of Warcraft, but the fights I have to go through to get an assignment done with Benjamin, are about the same I had to go through with Minnuette. Benjamin’s fierce cry even reminded me of a scream that a boss makes when fighting her in a dungeon with a raid of people. And here I am all alone, facing the Wrath of the Benjamin. I stopped playing World of Warcraft because of those tedious amount of dailies you had to complete only to get better gear to withstand the more difficult quests. But with Benjamin I can’t stop the dailies, otherwise he won’t get better. But I’m not receiving better gear, and it will only get worse getting the job done.

So here I am, staring at Benjamin through the window of his cat-mansion. He has fled to his safe place, in the attic of his mansion. He is looking so angry, that I decided to give my skin a break, and just take a picture instead. Tonight I will ask Ramon to try….