This Christmas we were royalties. At least, that’s how it felt.



We were invited by Ramon’s brother and sister in law to celebrate Christmas in a fancy hotel in Roermond together with my mother in law.

I was glad the puppies decided to come early, so I could fully enjoy this wonderful gift. It was so elegant and stylish. It held a perfect balance between modern and classic with sometimes surprising deliciously tacky elements.



When we entered the room, we actually entered a house. The bathroom was just as big as our bedroom at home, holding a huge rain shower. There was a Christmas tree in the room that made the elegance of it all, finished with a touch of cosiness. I loved the colours and smooth touch of the different wallpapers that was used, and the rich heavy silk of the curtains, and the shutters against the windows. I loved how they cared for every little detail like the lights and hidden wires and well placed media-connection, the Nespresso machine, and the velvet bed runner with the golden embroidered monogram and tassels on each end.



Kuzco was home. The first thing he did when he entered the room was to wonder around, leaving his stuffed animal friend Jaap somewhere on the ground, completely absorbed by velvet runner where he could lay his royal butt upon.



We don’t call him our Little Prince for nothing, you know?

We had dinner like Kings and Queens. The second time this month. But this time a 5 course dinner by choice, accompanied with lots and lots of good wine. We talked and laughed, bringing up memories. It was a Christmas how it was intended to be. The five of us together, which the four of us would hold dear in our hearts and never forget. I surely won’t, that’s for sure.