I am so extremely happy! The kind of happy where you have to wiggle your fingers and toes from time to time to get rid of the happiness build-up that makes it tickle. This is such a nice feeling for a change.

I joined Marja yesterday to take Maya to the vet for an ultrasound. I was so nervous. I was so scared the imp inside my mind who always talk things down, would be right. And I would be disappointed again. I think Marja read my face, because when I entered the living room, she said; ‘I would have called it off, if I had even the slightest doubt. I told you about pregnant cats the last time, right? Well, come look at Maya her nipples.’ We sat on the ground together with Maya, and when she showed me, she looked at me and smiled. ‘You see? This can’t go wrong. Together with the little changes in her behaviour these last few days, the answer is clear. So come, are you ready?’




Ever since the moment I decided to really go for it, and let Kuzco mate with Maya, I pushed my excitement and happy feeling down. I only wanted to give in to my feelings, when I knew for sure there would be a puppy in her belly. This year, there have been too much disappointments on a row. But after Marja’s encouraging words, it almost became impossible to keep my feelings under control. I was so happy I brought my camera with me to hide behind. Because when they put the jelly on Maya’s belly, I teared up when I saw things moving on the screen, and the vet explained to us what we saw. The sniffles I made in between were from my cold off course…. duh….




There they were….




The bright light coming from the screen in the darkened room, made the tiny dust floating in the air, seemed like fairy dust was sprinkled over the screen. My wish had come through.

My little baby-puppy was in there.

Kuzco and Maya their puppies. The vet was surprised how many there were, since this is Maya her first litter. But I didn’t mind how many, if there was just one, I would be happy. And there certainly was one….and two….and three…. It wasn’t quite clear how many exactly, but that we will know when we go for another picture, prior to their birth.

I snapped one after the other picture. Now my new story can come to life. I want to write and draw the wonderful story of Kuzco and Maya’s puppies. And off course to put the ultrasound image on our fridge. I need to watch it over and over again.




We are having a baby-puppy!!!