Last Thursday was payday. In my opinion the best day of the month. For just a moment, I feel so rich, especially when I can go shopping to restock our fridge. On Thursdays there is our local market. The weather was good, so I decided to celebrate this joyful day, to buy fresh herbs, vegetables, fish, fruit, and nuts at the local market, and take Malha with me.



I went early in the morning, after sharing my morning cappuccino with my best friend, so it wasn’t all that crowded yet. I loaded my mobility scooter with one after the other bag full of deliciousness. At the same time, my head was spinning with all kinds of ideas what to eat these coming days. I love these moments, where you can buy almost anything what comes to mind, without having to think sensible on each purchase.



So when I got home, I installed all my fresh groceries on the kitchen counter. The urge to start cooking became stronger with each thing I got out of the bags. I had all sorts of meat, fish, fresh herbs and almost every colour vegetable I could find. I made room to install my Kitchen Aid, and started to prepare to knead the dough for the lasagna I wanted to make.



At the same time, I grinded the chicken liver to make a huge batch of cookies for Kuzco and Malha, and covered a damp tea towel over some extra dough I made for the pizza crusts. The chicken was simmering in its stock on the stove, and I was starting to make the white and red sauce for the lasagna.



The kitchen smelled lovely. Kuzco and Malha took their place on the kitchen floor, hoping I would drop something….. at any time.

Late in the afternoon everything was finished and stocked in the freezer and the fridge, or stand to cool on the kitchen counter.



To honour my Italian dishes, we held a Italian movie marathon. Three days of Italian food and wine, together with watching the Godfather trilogy. I loved it.



I was so glad I prepared so many dishes. After my visit yesterday at the dentist, to repair a tooth I broke because of the seizures, I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do anything more than lie in bed and let every seizure pass safely on a soft surface. The Godfather trilogy made its impression, because after every seizure, my dentist came to mind, and immediately the ominous sound of the Godfather Waltz played in my head. Not that he did a terrible job, or that he is a horrible, horrible man…. I just hate what his tools are doing to my head…. And he masters the tools…..

So naturally …. it was only fitting to get the last lasagna dish out of the freezer.