wonder woman


We have been swimming. And I loved it. I didn’t know how much I missed it, until now. I haven’t swam since 8 to 10 years now. I was not welcome in three of our local swimming pools after having seizures while swimming. Ramon was always there to keep me above water, but I made the other people who were swimming there, feel uncomfortable. So no more swimming for me. Until today.

We went to one of the same swimming pools, and they just let me in. We didn’t expect otherwise after 10 years, but still I was a little nervous.

And there I went, in my new bikini. My one and only Wonder Woman bikini. I got it as a Christmas gift from Ramon, and didn’t expect to wear it so soon. I was hoping to wear it for the first time with a little colour on my skin, not with my treasure map legs. White as milk bottles covered with little red and blue coloured veins, especially when it’s cold. And it was! It was icy cold after the nice warm pre-shower we had to take before entering the pool.

My body wanted to make itself as small as possible, but I remembered my father’s words in the gym. ‘Stand up straight, chest up, shoulders back. Then you look like a bird of paradise, something to be seen. Never ever keep your shoulders down, then you look like a sad little birdy. It makes a world of a difference Joyce!’

So I entered the pool with my back straight, and chest up, meanwhile poking everyone who passed me with my steal pointy nipples. But I didn’t care. My Wonder Woman bikini rubbed a little of its mighty powers off on to my body. I felt great!!! And once my toes felt the water, I couldn’t wait to dive in and actually swim. I knew then and there that I missed it so much. All went well, and didn’t have a seizure this time. So we will go again soon, and personally I can’t wait!