Didn’t have to throw up all day. Amazing how quickly my mind settles in its new state of the last few days. Because I couldn’t make the connection myself, why I was feeling so insanely tired. Now I do. Hopefully it will be better with each sustenance I take.


My mother came to see me, and as always, time flew by. We laughed, hugged, went for a walk, and shopped at a little antique shop in town, and the nicest part of it all, we stood in the kitchen making food together.


I adore food, always have. All the sensations it brings, taste, smell, the way it looks and feels. I’m not an emotional eater, I eat with emotion. And today it was all about happiness, silliness, and good memories. In a way, we were like the spring onions.

spring onion

Two happy, flavourful, individuals, in many ways alike, chopping all their stories in way to many words, but brightening up the whole dish, making it a wonderful warm loving day.