happy family


Our agenda has never been so full, as it is nowadays. Almost every day of the week, some visit to a doctor, therapist, group therapy, psychologist, dietician etc., is planned. Every day is about getting better. But today was the first day after almost two months living this way, that a dash of real life was add to it.

Ramon went to work. Off course on a very slow and simple pace, with a duration of two hours maximal, just to see how it would go.

I think we both were a little nervous when he left. I decided to clean the house while he was gone, ánd because I had to stay at home anyway. Waiting for my medical food to arrive, and my new Freddy Pants, that would be delivered somewhere between 12 and 6 o’clock.

When Ramon came home, he still looked good. Tired, but good. I was glad to hear he had a nice time, being around his colleagues again, and organizing his desk again. I still had to wait for the delivery of my pants, so Ramon was about to go for a walk on the beach with Kuzco. I felt a bit disappointed, but maybe it was just a good thing for Ramon to clear his head while walking and playing with Kuzco on the beach.

But luck was on my side, when just in the nick of time, the delivery guy rang our doorbell.


Disappointment. Mode. Off.

I jumped into my new Freddy Pants, after I almost ripped my leggings from my butt, out of haste.

Because, duh…..

New Freddy Pants!!!!

And to the beach!!!!

With Ramon!!!

And Kuzco!!!


kuzco and joyce


So off I went…. together with my darling husband, cutest doggy, and one pair of awesome looking cheeks in denim.

This was a really good day. The weather was absolutely wonderful, so we could clink some glasses at the Beach Inn, to celebrate everything there was to celebrate.

And according to Kuzco we had  a lot!  to celebrate. And it took waaaaaaaaaaay to long.


silly dog


So long, that Kuzco really didn’t like us anymore, and sat on his lonesome on another bench to mope. ‘Boring humans….’


moping kuzco


We really don’t understand what a terribly hard knock life he has…..