Every time I see the side car I want to go for a ride. We’ve only checked him twice this winter, but now spring is coming, so we have to start some repair jobs that needs to be done before we can take him for a ride.




My dad had all kind of tools that stood to waist in his shed. He practically never use them anymore, so we could come pick up some tools. Ones we could really put to good use. We barrowed a caddy, and moved all those little gems to our garage. I can’t wait to start, I’m so excited. I will try to be the perfect assistant, and learn all kinds of new stuff. I have already done my area of expertise, and that already looks great. I sowed new covers, because the old ones were fixed with duct tape.




new saddle


For now we will only fix what is absolutely necessary, and when winter comes again, we will restore him to his old beauty again.