Today it’s Kuzco’s 12th birthday. We celebrated it last Sunday, on Kuzco’s (and mine as well) favorite place to be; the beach.

And like almost every single birthday of Kuzco we celebrated, it’s like the angels tucked away every cloud there is, in their magical knapsack, so the warm sunny rays of God himself can shine on the sweetest puppy-boy ever born.

Okay okay, a bit overdone… but it ìs always sunny on his birthday, and he ìs the sweetest puppy-boy to me.

It couldn’t be more of a happy offset, to all the disappointments we had last week. One of the greatest, being the chemo injections aren’t working as well as they let on to be. The white blood cells amount had dropped again, just as it was going so well. So to be on the safe side, I couldn’t proceed the injections for another week. First I have to gain a minimal safe level again, which would probably be in a weeks’ time, to go ahead with the next injection. There seems to be some kind of a pattern. One I feared before we started. The medication I take for my seizures, is most likely the one that doesn’t work well with the chemo. Thank God I don’t feel very sick, only more tired quickly than usual, so it’s manageable. The only thing that really doesn’t agree with all those chemicals adding up and cutting down, is my skin and hair. My curls have a hard time being their bouncy self.

But who cares about good hair, fair skin, or flashing energy, when there is so much to look forward to. I needed this joyful weekend that was to come.

First we started with the official birthday picture. Malha got a beautiful girly-girl dress for her birthday from my parents, just as Kuzco got his fancy suit once. Only for special occasions off course, this one being the best occasion I believed.

No smiles from Kuzco and Malha, only an annoyed look and a big sigh. ‘Are we done yet? This isn’t the fun you were talking about….’

No my dear puppies….. thìs is the fun we were talking about!



special birthday cake,

eating cake,

kids to play with,


running and digging holes like crazy,

loved ones to cuddle you warm and dry, because they love to cuddle soaking wet dogs…..

Is there anything more fun than this? Besides putting your butt on the birthday cake when you’re acting like you don’t see, hear, or know you’re supposed to sit the other way ‘round for a group photo.

It was such a heartwarming day to spend together celebrating Kuzco’s and Malha’s birthday. Having a picnic on the beach, with no wind, sun shining, with 17 degrees Celsius in the midst of winter. What an absolute blessing this day was…

I teared up so many times. Nothing hits harder than the evanescence of a dogs life.

Even though he still is the bouncy little puppy in my heart, he really has grown into a happy grumpy grandpa.

He is almost blind and deaf, his nose has turned all grey, and he hasn’t got the energy anymore like Malha has. But this beautiful happy Sunday afternoon, there was nothing old or grumpy about him.

He was a 12 year old bouncy puppy, celebrating his birthday with his mega bouncy-sweet as pie-daughter, and a loving group of humans.