Somewhere after twelve o’clock midnight. Ramon came to bed. I always wake up when he does, and then we snuggle together. But this time, we both started to sing. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… very silently off course, not to wake up the neighbor down stairs.

I don’t think Kuzco appreciated it much. He lifted his head from my arm, blinked his beautiful brown eyes, frowned, muttered a bit, and then stood up to leave my chest, and curl up against Ramon his feet. But we on the other hand loved singing the birthday song for our little boy. We smiled and kissed each other goodnight.


diaper bag


diaper bag


In the morning Kuzco and I took a long walk. I packed my bag, and started to feel a little emotional. It is Kuzco’s ‘diaper bag’. I made this bag when he was a puppy that has all the right pockets to store usable doggy things. Water bottle and dish, baby wipes, tick twister, spare ball, treats, etc. So this bag is now 9 years old. Suddenly I had mixed emotions, I was so happy about his birthday, but felt sad he is nine already. I terribly dread the moment he should leave us.  But that thought and feeling only lasted about 0.3 nanoseconds, so you have to read that part very fast.




Then I had to leave to the hospital, and all went smoothly. So when I came home, I went to bed to rest together with Kuzco off course. When it was time to start dinner, Kuzco joined me in the kitchen and kept his eyes on the steak when I cut it in little chunks, and moved a little closer when I took the French bread out of the oven to cool on a rack.

I decided to make a table cover using copies of the drawings I made of Kuzco and covered it with plastic foil. Set the table for three, and pinned balloons on the birthday boy his chair. As if he knew what we were up to, he jumped on his chair, and waited there till Ramon came home.




We had a lovely dinner, and off course I had to cry again. I have a lot of happy tears. I cry on many occasions. Even simple moments when Kuzco and Ramon play tag together in the park, my eyes start to well up. We smiled and couldn’t stop smiling. Kuzco was a true birthday boy, and enjoyed all the attention, and his birthday dinner.


dinner served