I am enjoying myself so much!

I see the puppies every day, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have them all to myself. They grow so fast. I can’t believe the changes they make within days. They are all doing wonderful. They mainly eat kibble and raw meat now, and drink water from a bowl, where they now only occasionally blow bubbles  through their noses  while drinking, instead of constantly. Their flappy ears are getting bigger, although they still are cute little triangles compared to Kuzco or Maya their ears. Their tails  constantly waggle, and just now, I saw the curl of a pigs tail emerge at the end of their tail. I always loved that on Kuzco’s tail. It stays a pigs tails end up to 6 months, and then the hairs on their tails will grow into a beautiful waving flag. They all had their own faces  to begin with, off course, but now their characters  are starting to blossom, so we can pretty much tell them apart by face.



Ramon and I both love to shoot pictures of them, and Ramon always has the camera at hand when we both are there, making the most beautiful close-ups I’ve ever seen. But when it is puppy-sitting day…….

Well…..what can I say?



I can’t control myself in making the funniest and silliest puppy shoots.



Yesterday, I got the idea to do a sort of Harry Potter photoshoot. I saw a baby photoshoot on the internet inspired by Harry Potter, and I fell in love. I didn’t have the right colors of felt to use for the props, and my pot to put the puppies in, was copper instead of black casted iron… but it inspired me non the less, to use the subject for a shoot.




My cheeks  were glowing, and sweat covered my forehead, but I had a jolly good time!




When I send the photo’s to Marja and Ramon, their  response was full of smiles.



When Ramon and I walked Kuzco that same evening, we thought of all sorts of ideas  to use for the next  silly photoshoot.




So now I am painting a piece of wood I have just saw, and I am already giggling, thinking about how fun this one will turn out. I have bought more felt, so I can make all the other things for the next photoshoots. This Friday they will be five weeks old, so I will have at least three silly photoshoots ahead of me.