the main event


Today, we got the opportunity to enlist Ramon to the gym my dad and I go. We drove early in the morning, extremely happy this was made possible. Ramon still has to fight some anxiety issues, one of them being, afraid to work out without the oversight of the physiotherapists. He still has two weeks of physical therapy to go, and then has to maintain it somewhere in a gym, by himself. So what better place to go, then a gym where he feels safe, and I can join him for as long as he wants or needs, me as a personal mascot. I can even show him some pointers on how to perform an exercise or two.

‘I am nervous for enlisting myself. How absolutely crazy is that!?’ Ramon said with a slight tone of anger in his voice. But I knew the feeling. Don’t know the theory behind it, but definitely know the feeling. I was nervous the day before, for going to the gym myself.

It felt great again though…. naturally.

But when I sat in the changing room to put on my gym shoes, I was worried I would disappoint myself, by not showing the same strength, as I did the last time I was here. I wanted to give it my best, even though I was fully aware I would have to start at a much lower level.

But once inside the gym, working out each exercise with extreme focus, my dad hovering over me, telling me how great I was doing, I forgot every doubt, and every anger over my loss of strength and stamina.

When I got home afterwards, I was totally drained. In a way, I was happy Ramon felt like crap. That meant this Saturday, would be one spend on the couch and in bed. So after a great nap, my body hurt like hell when I got up. The muscle tension was already making its entrance, which meant I really made good effort in the gym……

And my body has gotten soft of all this time doing nothing….

But hey….

It made me smile bigtime. This is the kind of pain I like. Inflicted by myself, and knowing it is for a good cause. Making my body strong again.

I decided to watch a movie while Ramon stayed in bed, hoping he would feel better after he would sleep a little while longer. I watched a golden oldie. ‘The Main Event’ starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neill. There was a time in my life I watched this movie almost every week. I could synchronize each line by heart, and of course sing the theme song in full splendor.

Today, after not having it watched for over a couple of years, I could still remember every line. But what made me smile even more, was loving the way Barbra was coaching Ryan. And in a way, I pictured myself and Ramon in those characters. So when Ramon is going to start in the gym, and I accompany him for some moral support, I think I will try and find something that matches the great outfit she is wearing when she coaches him in the gym. With shorts as short as they are, I think Ramon would overcome any feeling of anxiety, if there would still be any.

This weekend was a good one. Making the best with the little energy we got, with a little help of the most beautiful Indian Summer we could wish for.