Tomorrow is Kuzco’s birthday, but also a busy hospital day for me. So to make it as enjoyable as a can, I made all kinds of preparations. Grooming Kuzco, shopping for decorations, DIY-ing decorations, baking cookies. Fun-fun-fun stuff!










At the end of the evening we will hang all the garlands and balloons in the living room. I so love when it’s his birthday! I think this is still one of my processing of not having children of my own. He is just as happy as a kid, he loves the garlands, especially when they are laying on the ground ready to be hang, and loves the balloons to play with, and all the treats, and presents to open. So our little boy turns 9. Not so little anymore, but lucky for us, doggies stay puppies until they die.

Tomorrow we will sing, and play, and cuddle. And when Ramon comes home from work, we will sit at the table, the three of us, each having a steak, French bread, and garlic butter. It is going to be an awesome birthday!!!