It was double a party. Two celebrations on one day.



Malha turned one, and it was my parents 40th anniversary. So lots of preparation to do. I think that was the most fun of all. All the preparations ahead.


Buying the ingredients for the first birthday cake and cookies of Malha,



baking the cake and cookies,



searcing a pressie for Malha to open, balloons and garlands to hang around the house, and shopping for my parents surprise.


We had such a fun night shopping. Our budget was very limited, so what in heavens name do you buy for something as special as a 40th anniversary. If it was up to me, I would send them on an all-inclusive trip, or redecorate the house or something like that. And then Ramon said the most silly, but wonderful thing.


‘Why don’t we buy them a goldfish? That will certainly be something out of the box, something they would never expect, and it’s funny as hell.’


I had to let it sink in for a moment, and with nanoseconds passing by, my smile went up from ear to ear.




I think that’s great idea. It can only go one way or the other. There is no in between. Either they will burst into laughter, or they will frown their eyebrows, thinking how in the hell we could think of something so stupid! And then decline graciously off course. In that second case, we would take the little goldfish home with us. No harm’s done.


So we went to the local garden warehouse, and went shopping for nothing other than…. A goldfish, with a decorated house and all for it to live in.



We were full of giggles and filling each other’s sentence what we would write in our letter to make it just as fun and puzzling, so my parents really would have no idea a goldfish is in the gift box. I was a little nervous how they would react. Even though we would keep the fish ourselves if it was not wanted, it would be more pleasurable they would love our thoughts and effort to give something to smile about, and they would never ever forget.



They read the letter together, and the anticipation on their faces was priceless. They really had no clue what so ever. Exactly what we were hoping for. And then the revelation……


My mother and father burst into laughter. Tears of laughter rolled down their cheeks, and the disbelieve of receiving a goldfish plus fully decorated fish tank for their 40th anniversary, was beyond their wildest imagination.



After a lovely time with the family all together, we went home and celebrated our own big party!



The excitement, and hyper activity of not knowing what to do first, so bouncing around like Tigger, doing everything at once, was so overwhelming.



The happiness, joy and thankfulness was as though she was a tiny little human girl experiencing her very first birthday party.



Whilst Kuzco over the years slowed down in hyper enthusiasm of a tiny toddler, but happy, joyful, and thankful as that of a 10 year old, Malha was unstoppable.



We loved it.



We laughed so hard, and we loved so deeply, it was a precious moment to store deep in our minds to never forget.