This week made it ever so clear how important Kuzco and Malha are to me. How they pull me through with their silliness, cuteness, and happiness. Kuzco his devoting care for me, and Malha her giddiness.

My pharmacy called to tell me, my health care insurer decided not to reimburse my medicine I need for the CPH, anymore. So many calls have gone back and forward this week between me, my pharmacy and the health care insurer. Even though prior experiences taught me you always end up picking the shortest straw, I had to at least try. Of course I still haven’t received an answer from either of them. They are too busy placing the blame on each other, and both are telling me to pay for the medicine myself. I am just so sick and tired of the never ending struggle to receive the proper care, any care for that matter. Ramon often yokes about me being his little Miss Debit Entry, but the yoke is starting to get painfully real.

I did on the other hand, got a call from the hospital. Which surprised me a lot in a good way, because usually I have to ask for an appointment. The blood results were in, and it was clear my kidneys have gone worse. So the hospital called to apprise me, and to send me some new tests I will have to take, so I can talk them over with a new doctor soon.

What I really needed this week, was distraction from my mind racing with thoughts. Good thing it was hot as hell this week, so I had to find some coolness for our doggies on the beach.



So besides taking dinner to the beach to enjoy the sunset with Ramon and the doggies, I wanted to go when the day was at its hottest.



I haven’t been to the beach alone with the both of them, so I was curious if I would regret my decision, since my energy is almost depleted these days. But it was nothing I feared. Better yet, it was the most wonderful time ever.



Malha stayed with me, played with Kuzco, and when she felt surer of herself, she ran around playing with other dogs, and followed Kuzco into the water.



And all the while, she immediately responded if or when I called her name. I was amazed at the ease of this, and could only feel the extreme joy and laughter they gave me, by being so loving and happy and most of all, even though independent, so very obedient. As if I was the greatest and most fun person to be around with. So this was the best choice ever for some happy vibes.