We held each other’s hand, that was the only earthly thing I felt when we walked home. The rest was floating in the air, as if wings carried us home. We almost sounded like birds  twiddle-dee-doo-ing  while we spoke. So now we can speak bird apparently, because I could understand each word that was said. I was so tired, and so extremely excited, that all the things around me felt like a fairy-tale.



At three o’clock in the midnight, I received an app, that two puppies already decided to arrive 4 days early. I was like the Flash, jumping out of bed, putting my trousers, sweater, and shoes on at the same time. Didn’t even brush my hair, nor teeth. Utter waste of time. Ramon obviously locked his super speed behind lock and key, because it felt like aaaaaaaaa-ages when he was ready.

When we finally arrived…

The only way I can describe this whole experience, is ….




I could swear I saw tiny little fairy godmothers fluttering around Maya, and each time a puppy came out of her, fairy-dust was sprinkled over them, making them look like heaven-sent  puppy angels.



After Maya wanted to walk around a little after puppy number five, she jumped on the couch to snuggle next  to me. I was honoured she wanted to take a rest  besides  me, so I laid my hand on her belly and gently petted her, whispering how wonderful she was doing. When suddenly I felt strong contractions emerge. Before my mind could make sense of it, puppy number six was halfway out into this world. It all went so fast.

Thank God for the leather couch……

Marja helped Maya push through, and when the puppy was out of its sack, she guided Maya back into her nest, where she could give birth to the last three.



Seven girls, and two boys, of which seven red and two black. In only four hours, she gave birth to nine healthy puppies.

It was a magical, magical night…..